Senior Medical Science Liaison | 2102-5537

Job Order#: 2102-5537


  • Midwest US
  • Northeast US

Therapeutic Area: Hormonal Disorders
Company: This is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on therapies for individuals with critical rare disorders.

The Sr. Medical Science Liaison cultivates current and future thought leaders in academic and clinical medicine at the local, regional, and national-level through in-depth, evidence-based, scientific discussions and interactions. S/he will support clinical trials through company-sponsored research, the initiation and development of Investigator Research proposals (IRs), and the support of Company registries, safety studies, and other clinical programs. Thought leader interactions will complement or supplement the overall product development plan.

S/he must possess in-depth knowledge of the Company’s approved products, agents in the pipeline, and all associated disease state areas. The Sr. MSL must also possess the capacity to coordinate and manage solo initiatives or partnerships with external partners independently or with a minimum amount of oversight.

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Senior Medical Science Liaison | 2102-5537
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