Why TriNet Pharma

TriNet Pharma is a world-class placement firm dedicated exclusively to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and diagnostic industries. We are one of healthcare’s largest and most respected agencies for providing permanent and contract Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), Medical Directors, and other Medical Affairs professionals to organizations in the United States and abroad that are small start-ups, launching their first products, to large, public enterprises.

We promote a performance-based culture built on core values of trust, leadership, expertise, and accountability. Our consultative approach to placing MSLs has resulted in exponential year-over-year growth which has allowed TriNet Pharma to earn the title of the leading MSL agency, regardless of therapeutic area.

At TriNet Pharma, we perform an in-depth analysis of the end clients’ needs and objectives and cross-reference this information with our curated candidate database, which is specified by therapeutic expertise and specific functional requirements. This allows us to deliver our clients a customized candidate pool, with most submissions being addressed within 24 hours. With an industry-leading 98% retention rate and a 96% referral rate, our experience and reputation prove TriNet Pharma can reduce the cost of talent acquisition while improving time-to-fill ratios.