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Staffing Solutions for Diagnostics Companies

Staffing Solutions for Diagnostics Companies An experienced Medical Affairs team can add value at every stage of clinical and product development. Insights they glean from physician, payer, and opinion leader feedback can improve product utilization and create a strong competitive advantage for medical diagnostics companies working to design more effective clinical products. Are you now […]

Global Staffing Solutions for Medical Affairs Organizations

  Whether your Medical Affairs or Clinical Affairs staffing requirements revolve around a new product launch, organizational change, a strategic shift, and/or international expansion, our innovative approach will help you confidently put the right talent in place to drive your business forward. We’ll help you roll out a new Contract or Direct Hire team by: […]

Staffing a Medical Affairs Team in United States

  We’ve cracked the talent code for Medical Affairs leaders (e.g., Medical Science Liaisons, Clinical Science Liaison, Medical Directors, Medical Monitors, etc.) with the right proprietary tools, competencies, and team of recruiters. As a result, we can serve as your trusted advisor throughout the recruiting process and help you assemble or enhance your Medical Affairs team in […]

Medical Affairs Roles Help Candidates Reach New Heights

This video provides a brief overview of the benefits TriNet Pharma provides to Medical Affairs candidates. Medical Affairs professionals rely on TriNet Pharma to keep them informed of new Medical Affairs roles. Candidates repeatedly turn to us when they’re ready to pursue a new career. The same goes for Clinical Operations candidates. Our recruiters establish […]

Virtual Interviewing: How Hiring Managers and Candidates Can Succeed

We are participating in the MSL Society Annual Meeting and we’d like to invite you to join our digital panel discussion— Virtual Interviewing: How Hiring Managers and Candidates Can Succeed. Keeping within the event’s theme Working Effectively in this “New Normal,” our presenters will discuss experiences, challenges, and the best practices of virtual interviewing during the COVID pandemic. When […]

Clinical Operations Recruiting and Placement Services

Clinical Operations Recruiting and Placement Services for Life Sciences Companies Our business development team has a firm understanding of the operational and strategic attributes inherent in a successful Clinical Operations program. And life sciences companies, whether they are start-ups or mature, have benefitted from the recruiting services we provide. If your organization is trying to […]

The Benefits of a Contract Medical Science Liaison Career

A contract Medical Science Liaison (MSL) career shares the same benefits as a permanent MSL role, including “the ability to combine business, science, and technical knowledge, ability to impact treatment options, meeting and building relationships with KOLs, being at the forefront of clinical research, a home-based office, and a healthy salary compensation package.” [1] But there are […]

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