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Engaging with Digital Opinion Leaders

How Can MSLs Utilize the Influence of Digital Opinion Leaders? Engaging with Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) benefits Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) in specific contexts. DOLs have a significant following on social media and are considered experts in their fields (e.g., cardiovascular therapies, cancer screening technology, gastrointestinal diseases, drug testing, and patient care). There can be […]

The Future of Medical Affairs

Medical Affairs Will Continue to Make an Impact in the Future Medical affairs will progress and increase in importance in the future as the industry faces increasing regulatory, technological, and commercial challenges.  Here are some trends and/or advances in medical affairs that we can expect: Increased focus on patient-centered care: Medical affairs will play a […]

Oncology Medical Science Liaisons

Oncology Medical Science Liaisons The most common therapeutic area in which Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are specialized (have clinical, medical, and/or research experience) is oncology, followed by cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, neurology, and immunology. Within the oncology area, therapeutics or devices are largely being developed to ameliorate or improve quality of life for these cancer […]

How to Hire the Perfect Medical Affairs Talent

When pharmaceutical companies seek to hire Medical Affairs talent, including Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), Clinical Trial Liaisons, Medical Directors, and other Clinical and Medical Affairs roles from outside their organization, they can: Manage the search process themselves. Engage contingency recruiters to identify potential candidates. When the Pharmaceutical Organization Manages the Talent Search Process When a […]

Regulatory Affairs Recruitment Services It’s Important to Get the Right Regulatory Affairs Recruitment Services Across the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical diagnostic and device industries, organizations are experiencing a growing demand for experienced Regulatory Affairs professionals. It is Regulatory Affairs that is tasked with the overarching role in the protection of human health, including ensuring the safety, efficacy, and accuracy […]

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