Helping Life Sciences Companies Hire Medical Affairs Talent

hire medical affairs talent

Meet Budget and Staffing Challenges Head-On

A life sciences company seeking to form a medical affairs team in a new geographic location or a company establishing its foundation may need a recruiting agency to locate medical affairs talent.

There are several reasons for this need, including:

  • Lack of internal resources. A new organization may not have the internal resources or expertise to conduct a comprehensive search for medical affairs professionals. They also lack access to a large pool of pre-qualified candidates with the required therapeutic and clinical expertise and work experience. A niche medical affairs staffing agency can hit the ground running in the search for staff.
  • Time constraints. Recruiting medical affairs staff can be time-consuming, especially when an organization is in the early stages of development. Management and leadership do not have the extra time to search for candidates who must meet specific criteria (e.g., therapeutic area expertise, years of clinical experience, relationships with key opinion leaders, etc.). Beyond searching for candidates, the appropriate medical affairs recruitment agency can screen, interview, and select the best candidates to present to a hiring manager.
  • Industry knowledge. Human resources may not have the expertise to staff a medical affairs department. A recruiting agency specializing in finding and placing medical affairs talent in life sciences organizations will have in-depth knowledge of the medical affairs function, including the skillsets and the experience required for different positions. This knowledge is invaluable when identifying the most suitable candidates for a role.
  • Confidentiality. A nascent life sciences organization may prefer to keep the recruitment process private, especially if it is still forming or recruiting for an executive or senior leadership role. A medical affairs recruitment agency can maintain confidentiality and provide a buffer between the company and candidates.
  • Budget. Budget constraints can be a significant challenge for novel life sciences organizations. The development and commercialization of new therapeutics require considerable investment. Integrating a team of scientists, researchers, and business professionals is a necessary expenditure. However, attracting and retaining top talent is challenging when there are budget constraints. The inability to pay competitive salaries and provide robust benefits packages can make hiring and keeping people difficult. When you choose a medical affairs recruitment agency, ask if they’ll help you finesse your hiring strategy at no cost.

TriNet Pharma helps fledgling pharma, biotech, device, and diagnostics companies address budget and staffing challenges. As an outcome-based agency motivated to deliver results within your timeframe, TriNet Pharma finds experienced medical affairs professionals on short notice to get your company on track without delay. Utilizing contract-to-hire medical affairs professionals at any point in the product lifecycle shortens time-to-value. Contract Medical Science Liaisons, Clinical Trial Liaisons, and other medical affairs professionals are productive from the start.

TriNet Pharma promotes your open roles to pre-qualified candidates and then manages the sourcing and recruiting so that you can focus on business essentials. We follow an outcome-based model — you only pay a fee when a qualified candidate is identified and placed within your organization. 

If your organization expands into a country outside of the United States, all of the hiring details, including compliance with country policies and procedures, are managed by TriNet Pharma. All contract medical affairs staff are fully salaried and benefited employees of TriNet Pharma and are 100% allocated to the organizations for which they are hired to work. A contract staffing approach is a risk-free and cost-efficient solution for forming a medical affairs team. 

Furthermore, there’s no need to worry about a long-term commitment. TriNet Pharma will create a customized staffing solution for you on a project-by-project basis.

Contact us today to leverage our experience in the market. Let’s build a new team to advance science!

Helping Life Sciences Companies Hire Medical Affairs Talent
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