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We’ll Help You Find the Ideal Medical Communications Staff

At TriNet Pharma, we partner with hiring managers of Life Sciences companies across the pharma, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic industries to create staffing strategies that align with their organization’s Medical Communications objectives. When an organization requires experienced individuals who can clearly and accurately convey clinical data, regulatory content, disease state information, and the value […]

Regulatory Affairs Recruitment Services

Across the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical diagnostic and device industries, organizations are experiencing a growing demand for experienced Regulatory Affairs professionals. It is Regulatory Affairs that is tasked with the overarching role in the protection of human health, including ensuring the safety, efficacy, and accuracy of product information. A Regulatory Affairs team provides the critical interface […]

Clinical Development Recruitment for Life Sciences Organizations

We realize that having a team with experience and therapeutic area expertise is essential to the success of your clinical development program. Employing individuals who intimately understand processes, regulations, timelines, and plan for critical milestones is of paramount importance. In addition, it is imperative to hire experts who understand the distinctions within a therapeutic area, […]

Staffing Solutions for Diagnostics Companies

Staffing Solutions for Diagnostics Companies An experienced Medical Affairs team can add value at every stage of clinical and product development. Insights they glean from physician, payer, and opinion leader feedback can improve product utilization and create a strong competitive advantage for medical diagnostics companies working to design more effective clinical products. Are you now […]

Medical Communications Staffing Solutions

Our life sciences clients rely upon the scientific expertise of medical communicators to generate compelling, credible content that is evidence-based, accurate, and adheres to medical writing standards and best practices. Like you, they often have difficulty finding the right medical writers to enhance their team, especially prior to and after the drug approval stage. That’s […]

Global Staffing Solutions for Medical Affairs Organizations

  Are You in Need of a Global Medical Affairs Staffing Solution? Whether your Medical Affairs staffing requirements revolve around a new product launch, organizational change, a strategic shift, and/or international expansion, our innovative approach will help you confidently put the right talent in place anywhere in the world. We’ll help you roll out a […]

Staffing a Medical Affairs Team in United States

  Staffing Medical Affairs Teams is Our Specialty We’ve cracked the talent code for Medical Affairs leaders (e.g., Medical Science Liaisons, Clinical Science Liaison, Medical Directors, Medical Monitors, etc.) with the right proprietary tools, competencies, and team of recruiters. As a result, we can serve as your trusted advisor throughout the recruiting process and help you […]

Clinical Operations Recruiting and Placement Services

Clinical Operations Recruiting and Placement Services for Life Sciences Companies Our business development team has a firm understanding of the operational and strategic attributes inherent in a successful Clinical Operations program. And life sciences companies, whether they are start-ups or mature, have benefitted from the recruiting services we provide. If your organization is trying to […]

Benefits of a Contract Medical Affairs Staffing Solution demand for Contract Medical Affairs Staffing Solutions has been growing year over year. There are many reasons this model is an attractive option for meeting Medical Affairs needs. First, a contract structure instantly provides organizations many resources that would take months to build on their own. SOPs and a CRM system are perfect examples […]

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