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TriNet Pharma Helps Medical Affairs Candidates Reach New Heights

This video provides a brief overview of the benefits TriNet Pharma provides to Medical Affairs candidates. Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations professionals rely on TriNet Pharma to keep them informed of career-enhancing opportunities and turn to us when they’re ready to pursue a new career. Our recruiters establish lasting relationships with Medical Affairs candidates and […]

The Benefits of a Contract Medical Science Liaison Career A contract Medical Science Liaison (MSL) career shares the same benefits as a permanent MSL role, including “the ability to combine business, science, and technical knowledge, ability to impact treatment options, meeting and building relationships with KOLs, being at the forefront of clinical research, a home-based office, and a healthy salary compensation package.” [1] But there […]

Top 10 Job Search Tips for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)

The demand for Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) is great. They are vital to life sciences companies, as they help ensure that a company’s products are used safely and effectively, serve as experts to internal audiences (e.g., Sales and Marketing), function as scientific resources to medical communities, and develop and maintain relationships with Key Opinion Leaders […]

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