Positioning Your Organization for Success

Determining the Best Time to Hire MSLs

hiring msls at the right time

The most important thing is to begin the staffing process 3-4 months before you need people in place. This applies to Medical Affairs and Clinical Affairs staffing. The market is highly competitive and finding candidates who meet your requirements and fit your culture is a science unto itself.

TriNet Pharma Can Help!

Value Proposition Preparation and Customized Marketing Programs Make the Difference

2-3 Days

Intake Meeting & Value Proposition Preparation

  • Complete a needs analysis
  • Profile top candidate(s) 
  • Provide salary benchmarking
  • Map MSLs with therapeutic area expertise within a territory
  • Determine the best region outside of the United States to position MSLs
  • Create your unique employee value proposition to use in your search

1-2 Days

Source Talent

  • Create a list of candidates who meet top candidate criteria

1-2 Days

Custom Campaign Creation

  • Includes email and social marketing to all candidates who match your criteria, even passive candidates 
  • Marketing occurs during the entire engagement

1 Week

Presentation of Candidates

  • Present you with top-tier candidates 5-10 days after recruiting begins
  • All candidates have been fully vetted. They have spoken with recruiters about your specific role and are eager to move forward

1-2 Weeks


  • Direct recruiting often begins immediately after the sourcing pool is created. There is continuous outreach to top candidates from recruiters and follow up to applications submitted via marketing programs

1-4 Weeks

Interviewing & Securing Your Hire

  • Interviews can begin 5-30 days after the presentation of candidates
  • TriNet Pharma offers Concierge Services to help streamline the interviewing process so that you can hire more quickly

Medical Affairs teams must be actively working in the field between drug development and commercialization. TriNet Pharma can be the resource partner that helps you promptly find and place medical affairs professionals who can create a foundation of medical and scientific support for your product that will drive interest and adoption.

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Positioning Your Organization for Success
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