How to Hire the Best Clinical Trials Staff

clinical trials staffing

The Right Staff Can Ensure Clinical Trial Success

Hiring the best staff to manage clinical trials requires careful planning, effective recruitment strategies, and a thorough evaluation of candidates.

Do you have the right partner to help you staff your teams?


Plans for clinical trials and an Investigative New Drug (IND) application are prepared during the preclinical drug/device development phase.

During this preclinical phase, organizations should identify, hire, and train clinical trials staff. By hiring during this phase of development, sufficient time to recruit and train staff is possible, ensuring they are fully prepared to carry out their roles effectively. Strategic hiring at this stage can also minimize staffing shortages and turnover.

3 Ways TriNet Pharma Can Help You Secure Clinical Trials Staff

Challenge: Roles for managing clinical trials can be difficult to market. It’s common for life sciences companies to use inconsistent titles. The cumbersome use of titles can impede the recruitment process and unintentionally prevent applications or attract applicants who don’t meet the job qualifications.

Solution: TriNet Pharma’s market knowledge, database of thousands of clinical affairs professionals, and seasoned consultants are all available assets, and each makes it possible for TriNet Pharma to help you determine the best titles to use to market clinical trials roles.

Challenge: To find the most qualified talent, organizations need to look beyond a candidate’s education, experience, and certifications. Candidates need to be assessed for therapeutic expertise, communication skills, and leadership skills. Additionally, complex clinical trials require staff who are self-confident, analytical, investigative, creative, and personable.

Small- to mid-sized organizations without the resources to conduct thorough searches for clinical research staff often require external help.

Solution: TriNet Pharma markets positions to passive candidates (those not looking for a new position). Recruiters target professionals who meet the experience, knowledge, and skills criteria, and fit your team’s culture. 

Challenge: Compensation is often a top priority for those seeking work in the life sciences field. Many are drawn to the compensation packages of large and known organizations. Such offerings include high salaries, stock options, 401Ks, bonuses, and other financial incentives. Working remotely is another perk often requested.

It is difficult for small- to mid-sized organizations to compete with large life sciences companies. Therefore, they need to consider other ways to attract talent if offering a competitive market salary is a challenge.

Solution: TriNet Pharma can help organizations overcome the challenge of higher salary requests by:

  • Promoting key position and organization features.
  • Promoting how the position provides more opportunities to enact change in the department and organization.
  • Promoting innovative, never before known or experienced therapeutics.
  • Elevating the clinical study. A candidate can have a personal connection to a specific patient population. A study that is for unmet patient needs can be attractive to a candidate. It helps to understand a candidate’s priorities, which TriNet Pharma can, so they can be matched to the right opportunity.
  • Highlighting the specific expertise required. Oncology for example has more complex trial designs requiring distinct skills.
  • Featuring opportunities for advancement. Working for small life sciences organizations can be risky in terms of job security, but staff like Clinical Trial Managers gain more experience at these companies. They get exposure to more areas of a clinical trial. This experience makes them more marketable and qualified for a wider range of positions, including at large organizations.
  • Identifying Clinical Trial Managers (CTMs). Those with CTM experience are in high demand. Often CTMs have several offers to consider at a time. TriNet Pharma can help an organization place a CTM within 6 weeks from the time the search begins.
How to Hire the Best Clinical Trials Staff
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