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TriNet Pharma Using Digital Technology to Conduct Business as Usual

TriNet Pharma Continues to Deliver Services During the Global Pandemic TriNet Pharma helps many of the most successful life sciences companies in the world build their Medical Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Development and Operations, and Medical Communications teams, and in response to the evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will continue to do so. […]

The Recruiter’s Experience: Sourcing and Placing Candidates During COVID-19

Hiring in the Time of Covid-19 https://youtu.be/5Xx8wy3X39I Drew Richards, Director of Recruiting for TriNet Pharma, shares what he’s learned from his discussions with candidates seeking career opportunities in Medical Affairs. For many, it is business as usual. For others, now is a time of wait and see. All believe that at some point, hiring will […]

Medical Affairs Hiring Trends During the Global Pandemic

We Can Provide Staffing Solutions that Conform to Your Needs https://youtu.be/yPbLQYZNfEI Bryce McWhorter, Client Account Manager for TriNet Pharma, discusses what he’s learned from clients in his daily conversations. The hiring process for Medical Affairs candidates continues to evolve during the pandemic. Many clients are preparing for a post-COVID-19 environment by hiring now to kickstart […]

We’re Ready to Help You Staff Your Teams!

We’ll Help You Meet Your Staffing Goals https://youtu.be/oClJSjQZcFM TriNet Pharma is ready to help life sciences organizations staff their teams with those critical to providing medical, scientific, and clinical information to healthcare providers, researchers, and others who specialize in a variety of therapeutic areas and specialties. Even today, when everyone is daily meeting the challenges […]

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