How to Hire the Perfect Medical Affairs Talent

medical affairs talent

When pharmaceutical companies seek to hire Medical Affairs talent, including Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), Clinical Trial Liaisons, Medical Directors, and other Clinical and Medical Affairs roles from outside their organization, they can:

  1. Manage the search process themselves.
  2. Engage contingency recruiters to identify potential candidates.

When the Pharmaceutical Organization Manages the Talent Search Process

When a pharmaceutical organization manages the search process for qualified Medical Affairs professionals, they maintain one distinct advantage ━ cost. It is generally more economical for a pharmaceutical organization to retain full control of the process, including advertising, searching, screening, coordinating, interviewing, and selecting candidates.

While managing the entire process may seem optimal, there are several disadvantages.

  • Highly qualified candidates may not see or respond to the company’s ads.
  • The company will find active searchers, but not potential candidates who would have an interest in the open position.
  • The company will need to sift through potentially hundreds of candidates who are not qualified before discovering the most qualified candidates.
  • An extended search can drain resources.
  • After qualifying a candidate, Human Resources and the hiring manager will be taxed with the time-consuming processes of checking references, coordinating calendars, scheduling interviews, and negotiating terms for hire.

These disadvantages lead many pharmaceutical organizations to seek the help of independent recruiters.

When an Agency Manages the Talent Search Process

TriNet Pharma differentiates its agency in the marketplace by providing recruiting services for pharmaceutical industry positions, specifically within Medical Affairs.

TriNet Pharma’s search process identifies the most qualified candidates for key positions, most frequently Medical Science Liaisons and Medical Directors. Using its proprietary database of known candidates, TriNet Pharma identifies the topmost candidate matches in terms of academic degrees, years of clinical trial experience, therapeutic expertise, managed care experience, experience launching a product, and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) relationships. Additionally, TriNet Pharma takes into account an organization’s culture and the competitive landscape. TriNet Pharma thoroughly screens candidates before submitting them to an organization ━ only finalists are presented. When circumstances require an intermediary to help convince a candidate to leave a position for a better opportunity, TriNet Pharma helps negotiate terms.

What a Pharmaceutical Organization Gets in an Agency Search

TriNet Pharma earns a fee only when a pharmaceutical organization hires someone; therefore, they have an imperative to find the best candidate for a specific position.

TriNet Pharma will:

  • Execute detailed interviews with a Human Resources representative and a hiring manager to develop an understanding of the position.
  • Conduct original research using its proprietary database, targeting candidates identified as likely employees.
  • Develop a list of qualified candidates and then screen the candidates, identifying interests and conditions. Candidates routinely provide much more insight into their motivations for leaving a position to an agency recruiter (e.g., defining what their ideal job is, what motivates them, what they don’t like about their current job, etc. ). This makes it easier for an agency to find the best match for a position, and it’s a clear advantage that an agency has over a pharmaceutical organization’s candidate search process.
  • Provide consultative insight around a Medical Affairs team buildout, including team size, timing, candidate profiles, etc.
  • Create a profile of the candidate outlining his/her qualifications and how they fit the pharmaceutical organization’s requirements.
  • Present qualified candidates to the pharmaceutical organization and throughout the interview process act as mediators.
  • Assist the pharmaceutical company with the development of the job offer.
  • Continue communication with the hiring company and the candidate following hire to ensure a well-ordered transition.

TriNet Pharma has the largest recruiting staff in the industry focused on placing Medical Science Liaisons.

With an industry-leading 98% retention rate and a 96% referral rate, the experienced professionals at TriNet Pharma can reduce the cost of talent acquisition while improving time-to-fill ratios.

For more information on how TriNet Pharma can assist your organization, contact us.

How to Hire the Perfect Medical Affairs Talent
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