Regulatory Affairs Recruitment Services

Across the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical diagnostic and device industries, organizations are experiencing a growing demand for experienced Regulatory Affairs professionals. It is Regulatory Affairs that is tasked with the overarching role in the protection of human health, including ensuring the safety, efficacy, and accuracy of product information.

A Regulatory Affairs team provides the critical interface between a company and drug regulatory authorities around the world. Some of their key activities and responsibilities include:

1. Managing evolving legislation in all the regions where a company wants to distribute its products.
2. Collecting, collating, and evaluating scientific data, and providing advice on legal and scientific restraints and requirements.
3. Providing registration documents to regulatory agencies.
4. Ensuring compliance, including maintaining well-kept records.
5. Providing product marketing concepts for messaging and packaging.

At TriNet Pharma, we understand the importance of identifying the right individual with the right skillset and experience to meet your needs. We are highly experienced in this unique part of the life science industry and are here to help your organization find experienced professionals to drive your regulatory strategy.

Regulatory Affairs Recruitment Services
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