Virtual Interviews Replace Face-to-Face Job Interviews

virtual job interviews

COVID-19 changed the process of interviewing forever. Companies modified their interview processes, moving from face-to-face interviews to virtual interviews to ensure they could continue to hire talent, and now they’re sticking with the virtual process. 

“Per a recent Indeed survey, 82% of employers surveyed use virtual interviews, and 93% of employers plan to continue using them.” [source: Forbes, May 5, 2022]

Virtual Interviews Deliver Unexpected Benefits

Hiring companies adapted to the virtual landscape, and now they rely on virtual interviews to save time, effort, and expense, and to quickly learn how candidates mesh with their needs.

Face-to-face interviews have for the most part been replaced with video interviews via Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and a host of other virtual meeting applications.

This has led to timelier feedback and candidates advancing at a far quicker pace, thus shortening the time it takes to hire.

From a scheduling standpoint, the process is simpler too. Because of reduced time constraints and no need for travel, candidates can speak to those within an organization who might have otherwise been unable to grant time. Additionally, the process is further streamlined with shared virtual calendar tools (e.g., Calendly) for the scheduling of interviews.

This new interview process allows hiring managers to see a candidate’s presentation skills right away and determine if they want the candidate to represent their organization.

Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) are increasingly reliant on virtual conversations to pass on critical information; therefore, MSL candidates can be screened for high-value presentation skills.

Overall, organizations that have adapted to virtual interviews are experiencing greater success when it comes to hiring the right talent.

Candidates appreciate virtual interviews as well. They also save time, effort, and expense. A virtual interview means not having to schedule hours away from a current job for multiple rounds of face-to-face interviews. 

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Virtual Interviews Replace Face-to-Face Job Interviews
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