How to Enhance Patient Enrollment for Clinical Trials

enhance patient enrollment for clinical trials

How to Enhance Patient Enrollment for Clinical Trials

Every clinical trial is unique, what works for one study may not work for another. This is a key reason why strategies for clinical trial enrollment need to be continually evaluated.

There are tactics that can increase the likelihood of trial enrollment success. Here are a few:

    • The first and most practical step is to increase awareness of the clinical trial. There are a host of ways to bring attention to the trial, including social media, targeted online ads, mailers (print and electronic), local newspapers, local radio and TV, community events, and partnerships with healthcare providers.
  • Partnerships with healthcare providers are critical for patient enrollment. Those who work in a physician’s office or clinic can help educate patients about the trial and its benefits. Additionally, by having the involvement of the physicians, clinicians, and office support staff, it’s easier to establish trust in the trial.
  • Make the enrollment process easy! Offer multiple ways to enroll (paper form completion, online form enrollment, via telephone enrollment). Streamline the process as much as possible and reap greater enrollment.
  • Consider offering incentives to enroll as well. Incentives can include financial compensation, free medical care, access to the medication used in the study, and other relevant offers.
  • Provide complete transparency to potential patients about the study, including the risks and benefits. Make yourself available to answer questions and concerns.

Once a person is enrolled in a clinical trial, it is highly important to ensure s/he remains fully informed about the trial. Their safety and well-being are the top priority throughout the study. Frequent interactions with patients will benefit the study by increasing retention, and keeping patients in the study ensures there will be meaningful data at the end.

Establishing a community amongst the trial participants also improves retention. Offer an online meeting place for trial participants to discuss their experiences. An online community also allows trial managers to provide information and answer questions. 

You may have gathered from reading this article that communication is of great importance to trial enrollment and retention. You would be correct! Communication is the simplest and surest way to increase trial enrollment and keep patients in the program.

How to Enhance Patient Enrollment for Clinical Trials
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