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Your TriNet Pharma Leadership Team

We’ve operated our recruiting firm out of Dallas, Texas since 2009. Our senior leadership team has a combined 60+ years in the recruiting, talent, and life sciences staffing arena. We’ve grown from a small family business to the second-largest firm in our industry ― specializing in securing medical science liaisons (MSLs) and all other types of medical affairs professionals for life sciences companies worldwide.

TriNet Pharma offers the best in dedicated recruiting and consulting services. Using an outcome-based fee structure, we get our clients out of staffing and back to what they do best, advancing medicine.

Terry Mulloy, CEO

Terry Mulloy



Mara Vaughan co-founder and president

Mara Vaughan

Co-founder & President


Elaine Peng, SVP

Elaine Peng

Senior Vice President


Kaitlyn Kasten, VP Brand & Growth Strategies

Kaitlyn Kasten

Vice President
Brand & Growth Strategies


Bryan Vaughan CEO

Bryan Vaughan

In Memoriam

Your TriNet Pharma Recruiting Team

TriNet Pharma’s highly trained recruiters can identify and deliver hard-to-find life sciences candidates!

Practicing aggressive recruiting techniques and curating talent from our innovative database, recruiters track down passive candidates, resulting in a distinctive grouping of top-tier professionals from which you can select individuals for interviews. They’ll also work with you and the candidates to streamline the entire hiring process.

Are you ready to work with medical affairs recruiters who can help you meet your staffing goals? We’re ready to help!

Drew Richards

Drew Richards

Director of Recruiting


Brian King

Brian King

Client Manager &
Senior Recruiter


Mila Senn medical affairs recruiter

Mila Senn



Michele Truong, Recruiter

Michele Truong



Why TriNet Pharma?

  • Candidates are evaluated in 15-plus areas, including therapeutic area, indication, role-specific expertise, years of experience, cultural fit, and more. Our database has information on over 30,000 professionals.
  • TriNet Pharma has recruited, hired, deployed, and managed professionals for teams ranging from 1 to 84 members.
  • 98% of our clients from large companies to middle-market companies to small start-ups launching their first products are repeat customers.
  • We have experienced year-over-year growth. We’ve worked closely with executives, Human Resources, and department leaders to ensure the success of their teams.
  • Our performance and services extend beyond industry standards. Through our Concierge Services, we can arrange a candidate’s transportation to interviews; book meeting space for interviews; rent and set up audiovisual equipment; arrange meals; book lodging, and more.
  • We rank near the top of our industry category in every meaningful measurement.
  • We’re not constrained by geographic location. Wherever you need staff, we can identify high-caliber, credentialed professionals for the build-out or expansion of a team.
  • Life Sciences professionals rely on us to keep them informed of career-enhancing opportunities.
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