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Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations Staffing Solutions

We help many of the world’s most successful life sciences companies build their Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations teams — and we do it with your concern for efficiency, resourcefulness, spending, and compliance in mind. It’s not enough for us to find your organization candidates with the right experience, we deliver exceptional leaders who are passionate about science.

Unlike other firms offering similar services, TriNet Pharma integrates risk management capabilities through exceedingly careful screening of candidates and use of its proprietary database which contains vital statistics for tens of thousands of Medical Affairs and Clinical Operations professionals, including Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), Clinical Science Liaisons (CSLs), and Medical Directors. Through its database, TriNet Pharma can assess candidates across a spectrum of past experiences and future potential.

Additionally, salary benchmarking and job grading is part of the search process. This ensures you secure the right candidates for your open positions every time.

TriNet Pharma Talent Solutions

We provide Passionate Clinical and Medical Professionals to Medical Affairs organizations

The TriNet Pharma MSL Guide for Hiring Managers

MSL slide Chart

Hiring Managers,

Request the MSL Guide to learn:

● Total number of MSL teams per therapeutic area
● Total number of MSLs per therapeutic area
● MSL salary median
● HIghest MSL salary in a therapeutic area

Solutions to Count On

Team Build-Out

We can expeditiously add entire teams of Medical Science Liaisons and Clinical Trial Liaisons to your organization. We’ll help you have a successful clinical trial and product launch.

Contract Solutions

We identify, hire, deploy, and manage Medical Science Liaisons, Clinical Trial Liaisons, Medical Monitors, Medical Directors, and other professionals for your organization.

International Solutions

We can find high-caliber, credentialed professionals to start or expand a Medical Affairs or Clinical Operations team outside of the United States.

Direct-Hire Solutions

We provide solutions to quickly match your requirements with candidates in our database who are genuinely interested in the opportunities you present.

Concierge Services

We’ll make it easier for you to step through the interview process. We can schedule candidate interviews, arrange travel, book hotels, etc.
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