Why Partner With TriNet Pharma?

Partnering with us gives you access to one of the largest databases of Medical Science Liaisons in the country — each of whom we have built deep relationships with over the past decade. This also means that we have the ability to fill your needs quickly, effectively, and with qualified candidates.

Once you engage us, we are typically able to send you a candidate pool within 24 hours that specifically matches your requirements and is filled with candidates who are genuinely interested in your opportunity. That means no more wasted time on unqualified candidates who have no real interest in your opportunities.

We are constantly fine tuning our strategy and improving our methods to ensure that your hard-to-fill positions are filled quickly with qualified candidates.

One unique facet of our approach is that we do not post our opportunities on the same job boards other recruitment companies and firms. Our experience and success over the last decade tells us that posting on job boards can attract unqualified candidates and create a missed opportunity for you, because the best candidates are typically not looking at job boards — they are being recruited by firms that they trust.

Our personalized approach to recruiting has earned the trust of thousands of candidates, which gives us a huge advantage in securing candidates with the desired experience and track record of success who are ready to come and work for your company.

TriNet Pharma Team

Yvette Payne, APRN, MSN, MBA, PhD(c)

Exec. Dir. Medical Affairs & Clinical Ops


Jeannine O’Connor

Vice President of Client Engagement


Stacey Benefiel, PharmD

Vice President, MSL Operations


Bryan Vaughan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


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