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Benefits of a Contract Medical Affairs Staffing Solution

The demand for Contract Medical Affairs Staffing Solutions has been growing year over year. There are many reasons this model is an attractive option for meeting Medical Affairs needs.
  • First, a contract structure instantly provides organizations many resources that would take months to build on their own. SOPs and a CRM system are perfect examples of that.
  • Second, a contract model allows a company to rapidly scale up or scale down their team size as dictated by data readouts, FDA responses, etc.
  • Third, it provides the opportunity to work with individuals for an extended period of time to see if they are truly the right fit for an organization.
With that said, there are inherent questions raised when considering a contract MSL team.
  1. Are they quality Medical Science Liaison (MSL)?
  2. How much control does the company have over the team?
  3. Do they have a say in the hiring process?
  4. How much flexibility does the company have when it comes to adapting to new priorities?

Let Us Help You Enhance an Existing Medical Affairs Team or Build a New Contract Team

These are all questions that we here at TriNet Pharma would be happy to discuss with you as you work to determine how and when to build or expand your Medical Affairs team. We have a tremendous amount of Medical Affairs expertise across all therapeutic areas and across small biotech, large pharma, device, and diagnostic companies.