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The Benefits of a Contract Medical Science Liaison Career

A contract Medical Science Liaison (MSL) career shares the same benefits as a permanent MSL role, including the ability to combine business, science, and technical knowledge; the ability to impact treatment options; meeting and building professional relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs); being at the forefront of clinical research; a home-based office, and a highly satisfactory salary compensation package.

But there are additional benefits to a contract career that one should consider when reviewing available opportunities in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and medical device companies.

These benefits include:

  • Getting in on the ground floor of a nascent life sciences organization. This will provide you with many opportunities for growth. Additionally, you’ll be amongst the first to receive financial options.
  • Leaving your stamp on a Medical Affairs organization. You’ll likely be involved in multiple phases of development and you’ll shape how the product goes to market.
  • Nascent life sciences organizations are typically moving in the direction of cutting-edge science. You’ll expand your position beyond the traditional role of an MSL.
  • Transferring your knowledge from one therapeutic area to another. Expanding your scientific and clinical knowledge will allow you to take advantage of a variety of opportunities in the future.

If you’ve never considered a contract Medical Science Liaison career, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your options. There’s bound to be an MSL position in the future that’s ideal for you!

View the Careers page to learn if there are any contract positions that you’d like to learn more about.

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