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Contract Medical Affairs Solution

Contract Medical Science Liaisons

TriNet Pharma understands that you have unique needs, goals, and timelines.

That’s why we endeavor to meet your specific staffing criteria for contract Medical Science Liaisons and other Medical Affairs professionals.

We have a phased approach to building a new Medical Affairs team or enhancing an existing one.

Dr. Stacey Benefiel, Vice President of MSL Operations, and Yvette Payne, Executive Director Medical Affairs & Clinical Operations, can guide you through the process of developing a new team or enhancing an existing one. Based on their leadership experience in Medical Affairs, they can anticipate your needs and help you determine an appropriate team size, develop a timeline based upon your organizational targets, and more.

Through communication and consultation, Stacey or Yvette will build a profile of an ideal candidate according to education, experience, therapeutic expertise, territory, and other specific functional requirements.

Once your criteria are outlined, our recruiting team will get to work. Our team of recruiters focus on all aspects of the search, interview, and hiring process to quickly find Medical Affairs professionals with the right credentials, background, and expertise.

After top-tier candidates are identified, Stacey or Yvette will interview each and determine who should move forward.

Candidates who match your criteria are then scheduled for a phone interview and later a face-to-face or group interview. Following the last round of interviews and candidate selection by you, TriNet Pharma will help you to develop an offer and compensation package.

We’re with you every step of the way.

We want to ensure you’re provided with a productive team that exceeds your expectations.

To date, 80% of TriNet Pharma’s contract Medical Affairs candidates have been internalized by clients. Candidates not internalized were dismissed as a result of a failed clinical trial or a negative communication from the FDA which resulted in the dissolution of the team.

If you would like more information about first-hand client experiences, we are more than happy to provide a list of references.

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Bryan Vaughan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Stacey Benefiel, PharmD

Vice President, MSL Operations


Yvette Payne, APRN, MSN, MBA, PhD(c)

Exec. Dir. Medical Affairs & Clinical Ops


Jeannine O’Connor

Vice President of Client Engagement


Bryce McWhorter

Account Manager, Medical Affairs


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