Video Job Interviews Replace Face-to-Face Job Interviews

Most likely, COVID-19 has changed the process of interviewing forever. Companies have changed their processes to ensure they can still hire the talent they require. While the past emphasis was on meeting a candidate face-to-face, that has been impossible recently.

Companies now rely on video interviews to learn how candidates interact with individuals. This poses several challenges; however, there are benefits too.

Video Job Interviews Deliver Unexpected Benefits

Hiring companies have adapted to the landscape and now move quicker. Regular phone interviews have changed to video calls, allowing everyone present to get a better read on a candidate’s personality. This had led to timelier feedback and candidates advancing at a far quicker pace, thus shortening the time it takes to hire.

From a scheduling standpoint, the process is now simpler. Because of reduced time constraints and no need for travel, candidates can speak to those within an organization who would have otherwise been unable to grant the time.

Video Job Interviews Can Measure Skills Not Previously Assessed

The new interview process allows a company to gain real insight into a candidate’s presentation skills right off the bat.  With hospitals on lockdown and many self-isolating, an opportunity for a Medical Science Liaison role is increasingly reliant on virtual conversations and presentations; therefore, candidates are screened for these high-value skills.

The change to the job interview process has positives and negatives; however, those who adapt will have greater success when it comes to hiring the right talent.

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Video Job Interviews Replace Face-to-Face Job Interviews
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