TriNet Pharma Company and Solution Overview


Hello everyone! My name is Stacey Benefiel. I am the Senior Vice President of Clinical and Medical Affairs here at TriNet Pharma. I am a PharmD and have led Medical Affairs teams for nearly 25 years. I have been leading our Business Development efforts here at TriNet Pharma for nearly 7 years. Here at TriNet Pharma, we assist companies build or expand their Medical Affairs and Clinical Research teams. We work with clients in all therapeutic areas and across Pharma, Biotech, Device, and Diagnostics. We also have capabilities across the globe and can staff in nearly any country worldwide.

We are truly experts in what we do. Here at TriNet Pharma, we are in the unique position of being able to see what organizations and employees are doing across all aspects of the industry. We know who is hiring and who is laying off. We see what organizational initiatives and activities work and which don’t. We can help clients weigh the pros and cons of a direct-hire approach or a contract one.

Here at TriNet, we pride ourselves on truly partnering with our clients to provide them with the expertise, guidance, staffing, and recruiting they need for their specific situation and goals. I can proudly attest to the fact that we have a reputation within the industry of being exceptionally skilled at what we do and notably genuine in how we do it.

So, if you are evaluating your options around how to build or expand your Clinical or Medical Affairs team or simply want to network and learn more about our capabilities, please give me a call. I look forward to connecting with you.

TriNet Pharma Company and Solution Overview
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